Photos have not been manipulated just slight different room lighting and healthier skin on the right, they are of my arm in January and today
December through to February I was very quiet and working on myself, like many others, sometimes when you let things control you instead of you controlling them stress can take place in many forms… In my case, life, work and studies had gotten to me, stressing me out and on top of that made me extra susceptible to things that irritated my skin. #mentalhealth plays a big role in holistic health. Shows that no matter how much you practise certain things, if you don’t do it as often as you should and have a good balance in life you can succumb to a variety of problems life brings. Hey! I’m only human ??‍♀️
I paused my posting because as much as I’d like to post about my troubles to show I’m human, I’m not the type that likes to reach out for pity or be a hypocrite (not doing what I preach). My strength comes from my inner grounding and practise, healing from inside out. Luckily for me the moment my body erupted all over with blisters, I knew something was wrong and tended to it, restoring the harmony in my body.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to just suppress the warning signs our body gives us, especially with conventional medicines and painkillers. I love and hate it just because there is good and bad like all things. I believe in everything in moderation and questioning the cause, NOT patching symptoms.

Amazing how difference 2 months make and how our body heals it’s wounds… So grateful for the beautiful mechanics of life, allowing us to live our lives in the variety of ways.

I hope this post is somewhat an inspiration to others – showing how resilient our bodies are and how our bodies have the amazing ability to heal.
Stress reduces our healing abilities, immunity and clarity of the mind. No matter what happens, breathe deep and calm your mind.

Life can knock us down in many ways; if you’re able to spring back on your feet to continue on, that’s still a big achievement that shouldn’t be looked at lightly.