Motivated In Life is currently still building up, but my vision is to be able to truly help people as individuals holistically as a practitioner providing guidance to each individual’s health and recovery. I know, the word ‘holistic’ may be overused to some or used in the ‘woo-woo’ sense, but I believe true health care should be inclusive of every aspect of the person – Be it mind-body-spirit, bio-psycho-social or even mental-physical-environmental. Each person has their understanding of health and well-being. I intend to integrate my experience and knowledge in Reiki/Energy Healing and Holistic Therapy in with the scientific and physiological knowledge from my Osteopathy and Forensic Science background to support your journey.

“Your Health | Your Body | Your Life” – some people wonder “Why in that order?”. I’m sure some will argue that it’s much more to it etc… etc… But “health” includes physical, mental, social and right down to the cellular and (for those who believe in it) energetic health (energies like reiki, biomagnetism…). Energetic reactions in the atomic level occur in all living things. All things are interconnected to help maintain our bodies in a state where we can live. Doesn’t matter if you’re disabled or incomplete… as long as you are your definition of being healthy and capable of enjoying your body and life whilst growing from your daily experiences, that is the main point in life.
No one is absolutely perfect, but I’m hoping that by helping people to be able to utilise their bodies and caring for them, their lifestyle and lives may improve and they can enjoy it fully with their friends and families.

Hope this insight helps you to understand my path and vision in the creation of Motivated In Life.

About Katsi

“Life shouldn’t be a bore when there is so much to explore, the process of learning and re-learning often allows you to see things differently when you allow yourself to.” – Katsi, Motivated In Life

An empathic and intuitive Master Reiki Practitioner who has a background in Holistic Therapy, IT, Forensic Science and currently training as an Osteopath. Started learning energy healing and meditation as a teenager. Curiosity in all aspects of life, languages, technology, art and science has taken her on a broad and varied journey. She is forever a student of life who will continue to learn every day. Qualified in BTEC Level 5 Sports & Remedial Massage with the integration of her Osteopathic knowledge and energy healing background, she provides a bespoke treatment to what you need.

She firmly believes that health is inclusive of the non-visible and visible parts of life, including mental health, physical health, social health and environmental aspects. Therefore, integrates all her knowledge along with her intuition provides an immersive journey with you.

Being a one-man band, making changes in life, going onto a 5-year Integrated Masters degree and setting up my own website alone is hard. Asking for help from others is even harder. If you would like to help me in or work with me, feel free to drop me a message: or donations are gracefully received and greatly appreciated .

Alternatively, you can send me something from my wish list as a little pick-me-up:

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