Creativity and Expressions of Our Souls

Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best.
Henry Van Dyke

Below are some wonderful music I would like to share with you, hope you enjoy them too.
Their webpages are available for you to check out their work and make donations/purchase.

Ketsa is Shihan-Kaku, Jikiden Reiki assistant teacher. This music is a mix of live instruments and royalty free samples collected from the internet. It is meant for relaxation, meditation and treatments of any kind. Please enjoy and share! Love and light, life and blessings to all xxx


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Katsi’s Playlists

Flow: Music for concentration or release via your dance flow. Hope it Motivates you and helps you too.
Chillout: Music to unwind to at the end of the day.
Upbeat Chill: Upbeat music for concentration and chilling out to.
Drifting Vibes: Music to relax and fall sleep to.
Downtime Vibes: Music to dance to or listen to if feeling a little low or need that gentle release.
Healing/Meditation Vibes: Music to meditate and process your healing or various practices.

These playlists are designed to be on shuffle as occasionally multiple songs from an artist or album may be dropped in. You may find that it will play some tunes that are more connected to your current vibe.

Click the link below to see the full collection of playlists.

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Art comes in all forms. Here are some recommendations of other forms that may include literature to build on our knowledge, creativity and inspiration in life.

Here are some books I found that have helped me along with building my foundations of helping others, which I hope you will find just as useful.

After having come by this brand in 2018 and started using Scentered products, I decided to contact them and promote them, because I love the scents so much and I don’t need to worry about spillage if I have it in my handbag. I find Love is great for facilitating the focus and getting into the zone ready for meditation or giving Reiki treatments.

They have them as mini travel sizes as well as the standard which is just a little bit bigger than a lipstick. I have the ‘Sleep Well’, ‘Love’ and ‘Escape’… I can’t decide whether my favourite is Escape or Sleep Well.

After having come by earlier this year and started using Scentered products, … Click here for more information about Scentered

Other Forms of Art

Please note not all forms of art that has been explored are covered, but hope this helps inspire you to seek your ways to express, grow and live.


The expression of words that speak our truth, experiences and lessons to others.

Expressive words

Written expression of words of life, experiences and lessons to others.