Allowing healing is so important at the moment amidst the Coronavirus-19 pandemic. Even if we don’t consciously feel it or often realise it, but our body and mind is constantly healing and maintaining itself. Even more so during our sleep, where the body goes and does its autonomous thing to keep our body in good condition, by nourishing, repairing and flushing.

Despite people going through the trauma during the main part of the lockdown (isolation, deaths, anger, anxiety, depression…). Coming out of lockdown may cause a strange emotionally charged uncertainty and a strong feeling of agoraphobia. Maintain your practices if you have picked up these wonderful practices whether its breathwork, meditation, dancing, yoga, running… It will provide continual maintenance and balance, allowing you to keep a balanced mind when the next big storm comes along.

If you’ve not picked up a form of practice or habit that you feel impacts you in a positive way. It is not the end of the world. It is never too late to try and start something new/again. You could talk to someone you trust and open up your feelings. Although they may not have the answers it may still help to an extent by voicing your worries and problems circulating in your head.

Most importantly, if you aren’t ready or have doubts about returning to work, discuss it with your work. Hopefully, your role and your company are in a position where you don’t feel forced. But knowing your boundaries and when/if you’re open to a situation is important.

Take care, please continue to stay safe intuitively and physically, also continue to be kind to others; we never know how others lived through this uncertain time, so try not to judge.