A simple mind clearing meditation to help you be in the present moment whilst acknowledging the thoughts and emotions that trouble you. It is simple, but can be very powerful too.

Begin with 2 minutes ‘Clear Your Mind’ meditation once a day, once you’ve mastered it, these 2 minutes of meditation should naturally expand into 5, 10, 15… 30 minutes or longer once you become accustomed to the routine.

With more practice once you are able to be grounded and not swept off by these emotions and thoughts, you can progress to ‘Clearing Your Blockages’.


  1. Either set a 2 minute timer or a stop watch to time yourself (if you linger too long on a thought you can stop the stopwatch and restart)
  1. Sit with a straight spine.
  1. Take 3 slow deep breaths down into the abdomen using the diaphragm to pull the air down, fully utilising your lungs by filling it with air down to the very bottom, then fully expire all the air out.
  1. Clear your mind, don’t intentionally think of anything.
  1. When a thought comes along, acknowledge it, but don’t let it linger.
    Even if you do linger, that is also fine, when you realise, just simply go back to that quiet state.
  1. When complete, drink some water, note down your reflections and go about your day.

Note: There is no competition in the practice of how long you can do this for. It is a self practice, whereby the more you do it for yourself, the more you feel the benefits within yourself. Foundations are built from the first little step and not by dropping yourself in the deep end.