A very interesting and thought provoking Ted Talk shared by a friend who has aphantasia (inability to voluntarily or visualise mental imagery)- opposite to synaesthesia. Reminded me of a friend with misophonia (sounds triggering emotional or psychological responses).

Really shows that there isn’t a normal nor abnormal in the world because everyone’s brain and thought processes work so differently despite being the same species.

Something that is not dependent on gender, race or culture, but individual thought patterns. To be honest, there has been times when I wondered what would happen if I can’t vividly visualise the concepts I speak of or vividly recall my memories, and what if I can’t recall a particular taste, sound or feeling or somehow regenerate them/conceptualise them in one way or another? For example, when talking about body parts, what I see, think and feel in my mind when I say “diaphragm” is a totally different experience to you as a reader.

But until someone speaks of these things we don’t think about it or query the variety of differences each individual has.

Therefore, something I’ll be taking into account from this great reminder for talking with future patients, future posts, videos and audios!