I was reading about waka and poetry in Reiki practice.

Waka (和歌) are Japanese poems with a structure of an upper verse or introduction made of three lines; first of five syllables, second of seven syllables and third of five syllables. Then a lower concluding verse made of two lines; both of seven syllables. Whilst the haiku (俳句) is a 5-7-5 structure. The practice of writing poems and songs help us take in things around us and reflect on them in an artistic and creative manner. Whilst doing so they help us remember those experiences and thoughts more vividly.

Art, poems, song, music, dance and various other practices are ways for expressing ourselves and allows us to articulate our feeling we feel most comfortable with as each of us are different and therefore are better at translating these emotions in different ways. Below is a waka I wrote as a practice and exploration in waka:

It’s raining on me

They say it is horrible

Emotions tied down

Embrace the rain, it feeds us all

Embrace nature, we are one

I might try to write a waka or a poem every week to reflect on life and various things.

May even start writing blogs as part of my journaling and adding to my website to inspire others. From exploring and reading the various articles since Shoden, it has inspired me to revisit music and dance again. This is a beginning of a new chapter of my life.


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