“You can hurt others with words. You can hurt others without words. You can never please everyone. It’s down to the individuals’ state of mind at that moment in time.” ~Katsi


Not sure if it was something that was brought up from the meditation chants everyday, but we all have our past experiences and lessons. I thought I’ll share this with you as it’s something that can be applicable to anyone.


We can hurt people with or without words, even just actions alone can cut deep. It’s something experienced many times in the past sometimes by myself other times by someone else; which made me more wary of my actions and expressing with words. This obviously has impacted me as a person as a whole throughout my life from around the age of 8. Causing me to miss out on some experience in certain social skills we learn from a young age. So when I see others who can express themselves vocally so well and openly, I’m often in awe. This may seem strange but it’s true leading me to do more observing, analysing and reading into psychology, body language and voice. Eventually, learning to drop the analysing and prejudice when meeting people. As each person is going through different things in life and maybe on a different part of their journey. I’m sure you don’t want to just read about me… 

Something I eventually learnt about interactions: actions & reactions are affected by the state of mind for all individuals within the interaction. If both are open and not thinking, worried or angry about something or highly emotionally attached (dépendent on type of emotion) to the topic at the time the interaction is generally positive. However, if it’s the opposite – emotionally attached, angry, worried either by something within the topic or something else on their mind then it can turn sour. When you have one from either side of the spectrums, then often will turn into a supportive and sharing interaction, where the open one is looking to understand the emotions being expressed, whether it’s anger, sadness, anxiety, happiness, joy, excitement or other.

💫So due to this, along with various practices and studying, I learnt that it’s very important to release our attachments/problems and be in the moment with each individual with an open mind. Listen with our ears, eyes (and body), speak honestly and openly. It can be easy and hard to do, but at the end of the day it is down to the state of mind of the individuals within the interaction. Also taking into account of how words are expressed and received, the impact and outcome can be varied. This is why it’s important to recognise and resolve with our own physical and mental ailments allowing us to live life openly.


I chose this particular image for the background as it shows, if our mind is still, the breeze or wind won’t come along and stir up emotions, making everything move. If our mind is plagued by thoughts and emotions, a slight breeze will move all these hanging rocks no matter how heavy they are.

I hope this was useful or helps you one way or another. It’s amazing how something simple can be so complicated.


N.B: I’ve been lucky to grow up in a family where I have siblings to grow up with, not had abuse. But was open to the world of mental health which I had no idea at the time why certain people act the way they did. As a child it was hard to understand. But looking back after growing up, you see things in a very different light.