Reiki is the universal energy that is around us, within every atom of particles, known as different things in various cultures and practices. It is also a spiritual practice, some like myself call it a life style, which helps condition the mind and body thus improves each individual’s life by delving in deeply, but it is better known for the healing therapies.

Reiki Practitioners connect and channel this energy into others to promote a meditative state allowing the natural healing processes on all levels – it works physically, mentally and spiritually. Often clients would come to a Reiki Practitioner hoping to work on specific symptomatic issues, however, Reiki generally goes to the route of the issue and work from the cause and not the symptoms. It is subtle but can also be an intense experience; responses to treatment can vary greatly.

You do not need to be spiritual or religious to practice it. It’s technically tuning into nature itself, not owned by anyone nor a cult. We have governing bodies to ensure good practice by all individual practitioners.

• Stress relief
• Promotes natural healing
• Complements all conventional and alternative medicine • No contraindications
• Promotes changes
• Removes blockages
• Allows healing in all levels
The lists goes on as each individual is unique.
• Nothing
• Tingling
• Emotional
• Feeling of hot and/or cold
• Visions
• Tiredness/Sleepiness
• Calmness
• Perceptional changes
The lists goes on due to the varied responses each individual may experience.

*Reiki is not a miracle cure and does not replace medical care, but a complementary therapy to assist healing. If you need medical attention, please seek professional assistance. Then Reiki sessions can complement your primary care. Healing takes time; like how a rope gets knotted over time, the duration it takes to unknot the rope depends on the complexity.

But… HOW does it work?

I do wonder what other practitioners say… With advancement in technology, maybe we will be able to understand the interactions in more detail in the near future!

Coming from a holistic, scientific and technological background, it’s hard to not link thing up this way to explain how it all works….

To me, I feel that my intentions and energy channelled though me is carried over to the recipient through all the surrounding atoms in the air – potentially via a certain wavelength of the magnetic spectrum, which then works on the individual in a molecular or atomical level. Hence it can travel across a distance to provide ‘distance healing’. Consequentially, this wave of energy assists the individual into a meditative/healing state, allowing the them to focus on the messages from their body and to concentrate on the physical or emotional issues that needs to be worked on. Being in this meditative state also allows the tension held through daily stressors to be gently released. This further aids the physiological healing, because without good circulation, suppressed by the tensions in the areas, the body doesn’t get the full benefits, nutrition, waste drainage and proper interaction with the brain.

Of course, by laying hands on an individual, not only do all the above occur, but psychologically it can affect the person as well. It is calming like a parent holding their child safely. For individuals who have had minimal contact with other people, it could be a physical and psychological shock where they may feel they need to withdraw and avoid opening the flood gates for the initial sessions, or they may feel so overwhelmed, that all the pent up emotions release.

This is the reason why I feel that health should be approached on a multi-level perspective and not just physiologically, but holistically (where it encompasses every entity related to an individual’s life).

Reiki Sessions & Expectations

  • Sessions are non-invasive, always fully clothed and can be performed either lying down or seated.
  • Practitioners can provided the treatment either with hands gently resting on you or hands off you.
  • The practitioner can either be advised of your ailment you want working on or they can work on you by performing a body scan or work on you intuitively.
  • Reiki sessions can be in-person or sent from a distance.
  • Try not to have any set expectations in any sessions as each session can vary significantly, but if you do have an issue, you can focus on it whilst the Reiki Practitioner channels Reiki into you.
  • Most importantly open your mind, relax and be ready to receive.
  • During the treatment, you will go into a transic meditative state. So do take your time to come back to the here and now before you go about your day.

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